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MERIDIAN Environmental Chamber

MERIDIAN has a team of expertise with good total experiences of more than 20 years. We partner with ISO certified vendors that specialized in design, development and manufacturing of wide range of Climatic Test Chambers. Quality is our hallmark, and we believe in giving the best especially with the material and building component of the chambers, we extensively use components with country origin from Germany, France, Japan, USA etc.

Why choose MERIDIAN Climatic & Environmental Chamber
  • Our partner is ISO 9001 Certified factory, all products have CE verification, all chambers are comply with LVD and EMC requirements.
  • With more than 20 years of good experience in developing Walk in chambers, sophisticated custom made test chambers, thermal shock chamber, salt spray machine, xenon test chamber, rain test chamber and etc, which complied to international standards.
  • Widely accepted vendor by Supplying and Servicing many renown and high technology companies from many industries, electrical and electronic, automotives, education universities, pharmaceuticals, plastic &rubber and etc.
  • Professional designers and experiences engineers
    Most of our engineers with high education level and have good experience in environmental chamber technology, and able to design special chamber requirement. Some of them had worked in Espec, a renowned test chamber manufacturer, for many years.
  • Strict Quality Control and on time delivery to fulfill customer requirements
    The products will be 100% quality check to confirm its functioning, uniformity, and performance test, to ensure they are in tip-top condition before deliver to customer.
  • Majority of the important machine parts are of world renowned makers, to ensure a high quality finished equipment, for example: controllerTEMI880/TEMI990 from Korea; Compressor from France Tecumseh or Bitzer from Germany; electronics components from Schneider and etc
  • Cost efficient and competitively priced
    Completely fulfill international test requirement, durable, low maintenance, unique design and cost saving.
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