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MeriTone Vibration System and Package Drop Test

MERITONE's mission is to provide customers with advanced technology for environmental vibration test simulation, shock and impact test equipment. MeriTone primarily serve to provide durability and reliability tests for packaging, automotive and electronic industries. We are offering total solution for the customer and customize the specialized testing requirement, is one of our competitive strength.

Why choose Meritone
  • Our partner is an ISO 9001 Certified factory with quite a few honor rewards.
  • Founder has more than 20 years of long history and good in vibration test research and vibration system engineering. With the latest knowledge and technology, specific test requirements can be custom made according to various customer requirements for wide range of application fields.
  • High quality finished equipment and a long list of satisfied customer references from well known companies.
    For example: Vista Points, Flextronics, Samsung Electronics, TDK, Foxconn Technology, Hitachi, Emerson and etc. Our products use in many industries: electrical and electronic, automotives, education universities, testing agencies, aerospace and etc.
  • Strict ISO-9001 Quality Control
    The vibration test products will be quality checked to confirm its functioning, uniformity, performance test, to ensure they are in top good condition before deliver to customer.
  • Good quality with reasonable price and fulfilled customer requirements
    Completely fulfill international test standards, durable, low maintenance, unique design and cost saving
List of happy customer references (International and local)
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