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High Temperature Furnace

High temperature chamber furnaces with SiC Rod heating up to 1600°C

These powerful laboratory muffle furnaces are available for temperatures up to 1400 °C, 1500 °C, or 1600 °C.

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High temperature chamber furnace with MoSi Heating elements as table top model up to 1800°C

Designed as tabletop models, these compact high-temperature chamber furnaces have a variety of advantages.

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High temperature lift-bottom furnace without or with retort up to 1700°C

The electrically driven lift-bottom considerably facilitates charging of the LHT/LB(R) furnaces. With their all-round heating of the cylindric chamber, these furnaces achieve outstanding temperature uniformity.

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High temperature furnaces with scale for determination of combustion loss and thermographical analysis up to 1750°C

These furnaces were specially developed to determine combustion loss during annealing and for thermographic analysis (TGA) in the lab.

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Chamber high temperature furnaces with fiber insulation up to 1800°C

Due to their solid construction and compact stand-alone design, these high-temperature furnaces are perfect for processes in the laboratory where the highest precision is needed.

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Chamber furnaces with refractory insulation up to 1700°C

Model range HFL 16/16 HFL 160/17 is characterized by its lining with robust light refractory bricks.

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Accessories: Laboratory Tables

Out of a number of different sizes, it is possible to customize a suitable laboratory table for each laboratory furnace.

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