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Bogie Heart Furnace

Air circulation bogie heart furnaces, electrically heated or gas fired

The air circulation bogie hearth furnaces W 1000/60 A- W 1000/85A are used when heavy charges weighing up to more than 25 t have to be heat-treated.

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Air circulation ovens with bogie heart, electrically heated or gas fired

Ovens with bogie hearth from the WTR range are used to dry, temper, or vulcanize large quantities of material.

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Bogie heart furnaces, electrically heated

For annealing and hardening of larger parts, for example heavy cast parts or tool steel dies to temperatures between 800 °C and 1200 °C, we recommend our bogie hearth furnaces with radiation heating.

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Bogie heart furnaces, gas fired

Gas-fired bogie hearth furnaces distinguish by their unique efficiency. The use of high-speed burners allows for short heating times

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